All entries are subject to the Show Regulations and By-laws, the special Section Regulations, and to the Uniform By-laws made under the Royal Agricultural Society Shows Act, 1962.

The information provided by the Exhibitor in their application form is collected and used by the Bridgetown Agricultural Society to organize and conduct Competitions at out Show. We may publish details such as name, address and exhibit details in any of our publications or communication. Information may also be made available to and published by the media. We will not disclose your information with out your consent for any other purpose unless required or authorized by law. You may request access to your personal information for corrections to our records by writing to the Secretary, Bridgetown Agricultural Society, P.O.Box 17, Bridgetown WA 6255


* Relevant forms at the back of the Schedule, or on our website at  must be completed correctly and forwarded with correct entry fees.

* Forms close with the Secretary, 5pm on the Monday before the show unless otherwise stipulated.

* Late entry forms will not be accepted for ANY SECTION


* Exhibits must be ready for judging as stipulated by each Section.

* Late exhibits will NOT be judged.

* Exhibition halls will be open to public viewing on Show day.

* Exhibits must remain in place until 5pm on Show day.

* After 5 pm exhibits are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor or owner.

* The Society will be under no liability to any exhibitor for any loss or damage of their exhibit, whether caused by or attributed to the negligence of the Society or any of its servants.

* Exhibits not removed within one month will become the property of the Society.


* Date of birth of each stock exhibit shown in an age class, shall be shown on entry form.

* All cattle exhibited shall be registered with a recognized Herd Book Society and be entered under the name of the registered owner. The exhibitor must present a photocopy of the Registration Certificate of an exhibit if and when requested by the Chief Steward.

* Control of Stock exhibits. All exhibits must be led onto and off the grounds and must be under proper control at all times. Bulls over nine months of age must have nose rings inserted in their nose and be led. All females over nine months of age are to be led with fitted nose clips.

* Lambs to be weighed on the grounds. No disqualification to be made where exhibits are over- weight but one point will be deducted for every kilogram or part thereof by where the individual weight of each lamb exceeds the maximum weight of the class. No pen to compete in more than one class.

*All female stud stock, three years and over, must show definite evidence of having bred within 12 months prior to the show. A statutory declaration must be given to this effect if desired by the judge. Mares, ten years and over, must show evidence of having foaled or be in foal.

*Definition of a maiden for ring event horses: “Maiden is a horse which has not won a first prize in any agricultural show prior to the day of competition”.


* Winning Prize money is to be collected from the Treasurer/Secretary’s Office, Show Day.

* Trophies to be collected from the Trophy Steward after major presentations, approx. 2:30pm.

* Champion Ribbon: Red, White and Blue. First Prize-Blue: Second Prize-Red: Third Prize-Yellow: Fourth Prize-White (where a third prize is awarded).

* Certificates awarded to all prize-winning exhibits and where deserving in the judge’s opinion, special certificates of merit.

*Points allocation is First Place- Three Points, Second Place- Two Points, Third Place- One Point

* Ties will be decided on a count back of firsts, then, if still a tie, most entries shall be preferred.

* All prizes not claimed within one month after the show shall be forfeited to the funds of the Society.


Annual Subscription Family: $25.00   Single: $15.00

Entitles members to two adult admission tickets and free entry for their children under 16 years,

providing they enter with their parents.

Single Membership: $10.00. Subscriptions must be paid by last day of September of the current year.


The policy of the South West Group of Show Societies is that anyone without a Ticket or

Pass must pay the admission price to enter the show.

Members presenting current year tickets:  Free.

Non-Members pay:

Adult; $15.00; Aged Pensioner; $12.00; Children 5yrs and under 16yrs; $6.00; Under 5yrs; Free.


*These grounds are now a SMOKE FREE VENUE.

*The use of loudspeakers or other amplifying equipment is prohibited during the currency

of the show, except in cases where such equipment may be used to give coverage to the

.. inside of an exhibitor’s building.

* NO DOGS permitted on grounds unless seeing eye dogs or dogs for competition. These must be on a leash and cared for by the owner at all times while on the grounds.

*Only ribbons and cards won at this show may be worn on this day or placed by the exhibit.

* No exhibit may compete in more than one class, except in special group classes and with

the exception of ring events.

* Exhibits must be free from disease and parasites to be accepted for judging.

* Handicap Car Pass – apply to the Secretary.

* Nursing Mothers facilities – enquire at the Secretary’s Office.


1. Always be punctual, courteous and neatly dressed.

2. Be familiar with the Schedule and conditions of each class. Advise the judge accordingly.

3. Ensure that exhibit numbers are clearly visible.

4. Write ‘absent’ in Steward’s Catalogue against the number of the exhibit not brought forward for judging.

5. Ensure all exhibits presented for judging are brought before the judge and judging does not take place before the stated time.

6. Stewards must not discuss the quality of an exhibit with the judge.

7. Ensure proper decorum is kept in the judging area.

If unauthorised persons should enter, judging must be deferred until they leave.

8. Ensure the judge marks all awards correctly and also marks an emergency award in the Judge’s Books, for use if required.

9. A judge may consult the Society’s Veterinary Officer at any time.

10. A judge can withhold an award of a first or any prize if they are of the opinion that the exhibit is unworthy. Consultation with the chief steward is advised, if a trophy / perpetual Trophy i involved. Certificates of Merit may be awarded if the judge considers competition merits such awards.

11. Consult the Chief Steward if in doubt of any issues.

12. In the event of a Tie – See under Prize Money/Trophy.

13. After judging, complete paperwork clearly and return to the Secretary.

14. Return completed Steward’s Books and surplus ribbons immediately to Secretary’s Office.

15. Accompany judge to allocated area for refreshments following judging.

16. Ensure that all horses and prize-winning stock if possible are included in the parade.